Fumb Games Mobile App Bitcoin Miner Integrates Real BTC Rewards via Zebedee

Fumb Games Mobile App Bitcoin Miner Integrates Real BTC Rewards via Zebedee

Fumb Games Mobile App Bitcoin Miner Integrates Real BTC Rewards via Zebedee

Four years ago, a mobile game application calledBitcoin Minercame out that simulates bitcoin mining but at the time, the games development team Fumb Games could not integrate bitcoin rewards. 本周在多个国家同意对俄罗斯实体实施严厉制裁之后, Fumb Games revealed it has partnered with the fintech firm Zebedee and the Bitcoin Miner game now allows players to earn real bitcoin.

Crypto Mining Simulation Game Adds Real Bitcoin Rewards

The bitcoin mining game for Android and iOS called Bitcoin Miner has recently added real bitcoin (BTC) rewards into the game experience. Essentially, Bitcoin Miner is an idle mobile game that reproduces a mock bitcoin mining business. Fumb Games has inked a deal with Zebedee in order to add the real bitcoin rewards into the Bitcoin Miner game. Zebedee is a Hoboken, New Jersey-based company that specializes in integrating bitcoin into games and the firm raised $11.5 million in September 2021 in a funding round led by Lakestar.

If a user is playing the game, Zebedees blog post published on Thursday says when playerssee a green satoshi symbol over a coin,” the player willearn bitcoin for tapping it.According to the founder of Fumb Games, Paul West, this wasnt possible when the game first launched. “We originally released Bitcoin Miner about four years ago, when crypto started taking off. But there was no real appetite for the game, as it wasnt possible to enable players to earn actual Bitcoin with it at the time,” West said in a statement sent to krakow3d.com News. The Fumb Games founder added:

With Zebedee, we were able to put real bitcoin into the game, which makes the premise of Bitcoin Miner much more fun, impactful and noteworthy for players.

After collecting satoshis and if the user wants to cash out the bitcoin, they need to withdraw to the Zebedee app. Essentially they selectCash Outenter their ZBD Gamertag and tapredeemin order to withdraw the bitcoin into the Zebedee app. The bitcoin mining simulation allows players to complete tasks and earn more rigs, invest in the infrastructure, secure airdrops, upgrade current mining rigs, and level up to get better rewards.

Bitcoin is an amazing technology for human progress,” Simon Cowell, the CEO of Zebedee said during the announcement. Cowell concluded by stressing that the Zebedee team ispassionate for the technology of Bitcoin itself and hope that fun and easily approachable games like Bitcoin Miner will foster curiosity about bitcoin and get more people of all ages and backgrounds learning about it and participating in the new digital economy powered by Bitcoin.

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