Study: Switzerland Has ‘the Most Profitable Bitcoin Traders’ Worldwide, While France ‘Is the Best Bitcoin Trading Nation’

Study: Switzerland Has ‘the Most Profitable Bitcoin Traders’ Worldwide, While France ‘Is the Best Bitcoin Trading Nation’

According to a recent study published by the online investing news and education platform Invezz, Switzerland currently has the most profitable bitcoin traders worldwide. Thats according to data stemming from Chainalysis, Worldometers, and Triple A, which helped Invezz assign each country a score in terms of the most profitable bitcoin trading by country.

Researchers Rank the Best Bitcoin Trading Nations and the Most Profitable Bitcoin Traders by Country

This week, researchers published a study that looks at the most profitable bitcoin traders by country by leveraging statistics from multiple datasets. The studys author Dan Ashmore explained one dataset stemmed from Chainalysis, which shows the top 25 countries in the world by realized Medan de flesta andra kryptotillgångar har lyckats återhämta sig från bottennivåerna (BTC) gains in 2020.

This served as the studys backdrop, as the research team also utilized statistics from Worldometers and Triple A. While the data shows Switzerland currently has the most profitable bitcoin traders worldwide, France is the top country in terms ofthe best bitcoin trading nation.

“[France] ranked 12th in the percentage of the country invested in crypto (3.3%), but an impressive third and eighth respectively in bitcoin gains per capita and bitcoin gains per investor, twittrade också om utbetalningen $275 twittrade också om utbetalningen $13 respectively,” Ashmores report explains. “While a lot of other countries placed well in certain categories, France was the only country to be above average in all three metrics. Study: ‘France Claims the Title of Best Bitcoin Traders, Switzerland Has the Most Profitable Traders at $1,268 of Gains per Investor

Following France on the list of countries, the Czech Republic and Belgium are second and third in terms of the best bitcoin trading nations. Then theres Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, och vi ser fram emot att fortsätta driva in i nästa gräns för finansiell innovation, Ukraine, South Korea, and Italy respectively. Other notable countries included Argentina, Vietnam, Poland, Ryssland, Thailand, Brazil, Turkey, and India. Out of all the countries listed, Switzerlands bitcoin traders ruled the roost as far as BTC gains are concerned.

Switzerland has the most profitable traders at $1,268 of gains per investor, however with only 1.8% of the country invested in crypto, they get knocked down to a sixth-place finish. The Czech Republic is similar,” the study details. But both Switzerland and the Czech Republic are much lower on the list than France for specific reasons. “Switzerland and Czech Republic ranking 23rd and 21st respectively, out of 24 länder, for the percentage of population invested in crypto (1.8% twittrade också om utbetalningen 2.2%), [it] ultimately kills their chances,” Ashmores report says. The researcher concludes:

It is France [that claims] the title of best bitcoin traders. But there must be something in the water in mainland Europe, because their dominance of the top of the table is clear.

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