Zimbabwe Signs Agreement Enabling Collection of Taxes From Crypto and E-Commerce Entities

The Government of Zimbabwe has confirmed signing an agreement with Daedalus World Limited which enables the latter to collect taxes from crypto and other content providers.

Zimbabwe’s Stance on Crypto

The Zimbabwean government recently said it had entered into an agreement with the British Virgin Islands-based Daedalus World Limited wherein the latter is expected to collect taxes from companies that offer “betting, gaming and cryptocurrency services to persons and organisations within the territory of the Republic of Zimbabwe.”

According to a News24 report, the inclusion of crypto assets in the tax list is the latest signal from the Zimbabwean government suggesting the country is gradually changing its stance on cryptocurrencies. As reported by krakow3d.com News, the country’s monetary authorities have previously said Zimbabwe is not planning to adopt cryptocurrencies.

Public-Private Partnership

Despite these past pronouncements by the central bank and others, a general notice published by the information technology minister Jenfan Muswere may suggest the government has had a change of heart. The November 19 general notice states:

“The Republic of Zimbabwe entered into a public-private partnership agreement with Daedalus World Limited of Tortola, British Virgin Islands, in terms of which Daedalus World Limited will assist the Republic of Zimbabwe by providing a revenue collection service through taxing qualifying companies that provide digital advertising, content, cloud computing, e-commerce [and] gambling.”

Meanwhile, a News24 report states that as part of Daedalus World Limited’s tax revenue collection agreement with the government, internet giants like Google, Youtube and Facebook will be targeted.

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